Dr Alex W Robertson

I'm a materials scientist working to understand the nanoscale behaviour of materials, and how this can be related to their performance, degradation, and failure. 

Yi is now working as a DPhil student under the supervision of Dr. Alex Robertson and Prof. Peter Bruce. Her research project focuses on understanding the degradation mechanisms of Li metal anode via in-situ electron microscopy.

Yi Yuan - DPhil Student

Yi Yuan.jpeg

Chen Gong - DPhil Student


Chen Gong is a Dphil student working under the supervision of Dr. Alex Robertson and Prof. Peter Bruce in Oxford.  His research interests include understanding mechanisms inside batteries by in-situ TEM, nano-fabrication (FIB, etc.) and atomic-scale characterisation of nanomaterials.

Shengda Pu - DPhil Student


Shengda is interested in electrochemical processes and related surface changes at nanoscale. He is now a PhD working on in-situ TEM of liquid battery  cells under the supervision of Dr. Alex Robertson and Prof. Peter Bruce in Oxford.

Group alumni

Dr Sapna Sinha - Post Doctoral Researcher (now Assistant Prof. Osaka University.

Yi Liang - DPhil Student


Yi Liang is researching solid state batteries under the supervision of Prof. Mauro Pasta and Dr Alex Robertson.